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Supporting the Rockford Regents

Just like my parents, I was born and raised in Rockford IL and proud to say it. Rockford Illinois has played a huge part in my life. I had taken drum lessons for 8 years at Guzzardos Performance Music, I learned how to swim at Sand Park Pool, and I also started my education at Froberg Elementary School. Whether I have to go to the store or down to one of Rockford's most beautiful sceneries like Sinnissippi Park, Rockford has everything a person needs.

Rockford has also provided an education for me. I am a sophomore at Rockford University currently studying computer science. I can honestly say that choosing to attend Rockford University has been one of the best choices I've ever made. Rockford University is more than just a school, it's like a small community inside of Rockford. Everyone at Rockford University is more then just one of your colleagues, they're your family.

I am also a part of RU's football team. While attending Rockford University these past two years, I noticed that not too many people from the Rockford area seem to know that RU has a football program with a bright future. Not only me but the school as a whole would love to see support from the community in not only football but for all of the athletics here.

Our football team plays every Saturday afternoon at 1pm and would love to see people from the Rockford area come out and support us. I am not asking for any type of donation, but for the Rockford locals to come out and support the Rockford Regents.

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