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Many will point out the faults, who will raise the solution?

Solutions are where we see change and measurable impact, KFACT Keeping Families and Communities Together, is an example here in Rockford. KFACT is a grassroots, nonprofit youth development and holistic mentoring organization serving underprivileged girls. Shamika Williams is the visionary and solution creator behind this organization. Every initiative has a motivational driver impacting female junior and senior high school students. Every year, KFACT serves over 100 girls through its Lady All Stars mentoring program. The program has a 98 percent retention rate, a 100 percent high school graduation rate and 92 percent of the girls move on to post-secondary education.

We are all reminded throughout life not to judge a book by its cover and that you never know the path someone else has walked in their life. You cannot make a snap judgment on how someone can launch themselves in one direction versus another. Many have assumed my path was groomed ahead of me; however, assuming is never good as my path is a story that connects me to KFACT.

When I met Candace, who is a board member and longtime friend of Shamika, I was able to see similarities in my story to the stories of the Lady All Stars. I had many challenges and could have followed other paths; however, I would not be standing where I am today. Not everyone knows the multitude of opportunities available; sometimes you just need someone to shine a light on the other paths and reassure you that you have the strength and worth to walk them. This may sound obvious to some and the illumination makes sense to others. I personally had that moment where a light appeared on a new path; one where I did not have to choose what had been laid in front of me previously.

As a vice president of a local not-for-profit, much of my volunteer time has been business oriented since my return to Rockford two and a half years ago. Anyone who knows me knows my energy level, so once I met Candace, I had to meet Shamika. I knew I wanted to get involved right away. A spark went off knowing that I could possibly help impact girls who may feel the way I felt many years ago; knowing somewhere in my heart that there was a different path, but not really sure how to find it.

So I jumped in as a new board member, mentor, volunteer…and any other way I could help get the word out, such as this article.

As a new member of the KFACT family, I am so honored to continue to share the recent great news that KFACT was chosen as one of two grant recipients from Club Blue for 2017. (Additional information available HERE). This is going to be a great year with the amazing generosity of Club Blue and each individual who is willing to jump in with both feet showing our future female leaders their additional paths.

Want to meet this solution creator? KFACT will be hosting a Friend-Raiser on November 29th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Abreo. Guests will have the opportunity to meet with KFACT Founder and Executive Director, Shamika Williams, board members, volunteers, and a few of the Lady All Stars. Tickets are $25 and proceeds will benefit the programs and the projects of KFACT.

Sign up HERE

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