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Come Run from Auburn Zombies!

Several years ago, Rockford Public Schools had the foresight to bring in the academy model to revolutionize our school district. After the initiation of the academies, Rockford was recognized by Ford and received the Ford Next Generation Learning Model Community status last year.

Working in the academy model within our school, teachers and students incorporate real life situations into their classrooms which sometimes result in a community event. The Auburn Health Science Academy has created a Zombie 5K event, where anyone from the community can run/walk in the beautiful Anna Page Park with plenty of zombies!

Participants can choose if they want to be chased by zombies or take the more leisurely approach throughout the park. Students in the Health Science Academy are working through a unit on how plagues and diseases have affected the human population throughout time and this run is the final event. Staff and students from the Creative and Performing Arts academy will also be helping out by transforming our volunteers into the zombies for the run. This event is the perfect example of why I got into teaching because it pulls together real life situations into my students' curriculum and it happens to be interesting!

Coming from the suburbs, Rockford showed amazing potential for me as an educator because I had the once in a lifetime chance to work in an environment which fostered creativity in the unique setting the academies provide. My students' passion to be a part of the revitalization of Rockford is a daily inspiration and I consider myself lucky to help them achieve this dream. RPS 205 has given me and my students the chance to make a difference and for this, I am EXTREMELY proud to be a part of the Rockford community. Thank you!

For more information, including ticket info, click here

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