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New local apparel line sees bright future in Rockford

With our entrepreneurial spirit, we seek to provide and encourage a NO LIMITS attitude. To live a life of RELENTLESS pursuit of happiness and success. And to always IGNITE your passion. Choosing to base our business out of Rockford, IL was an easy decision. Growing up, attending school and raising families here in this community, we believe Rockford is the home to many amazing opportunities waiting to be discovered. We view this community as one that does not give up or give in and one that strives to push through adversity; which is the backbone of our messages on our motivational apparel line.

The motivation for No Limits Motivation is to infuse a change and a standard that will encourage people to live and go after what they believe they were designed for in this life. Everything we do in this life will create the blueprint to our legacy; so why not create something that will change the mindsets and actions into something that infuses a NO LIMITS mindset?

The purpose with the clothing line is to encourage people to be motivated to see themselves as the words that are written on our products. We have carefully chosen high-quality breathable material to be worn with comfort inside and out of the gym. We have partnered with local companies to make the entire process Rockford based. We design, print and ship right here in Rockford. Currently, our clothing is available at our online store only at The clothing we've created is the first step into something bigger. It is our desire to ignite the sleepy giant inside that wants more out of life.

Seeing the future as a bright avenue versus a dim light, Rockford provides hope for those that are willing to see it. Success takes hard work. And with willing partners, the doors of opportunity open. We look forward to having a successful business where we’ve planted our roots.

Please check us out on Facebook at or on Instagram at

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