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Join Rockford's 12 hour bike tour!

For the past two years I have been participating in the Riverwest 24 hour bike race with my son in Milwaukee. This event rose out of an amazing neighborhood of people who love where they live and felt like the community needed something to bring them together. Because of this event I am so much more familiar with the Riverwest Neighborhood of Milwaukee than I would ever be without it. I felt compelled to do just the same for my city.

After a few hours of riding you begin to recognize other riders. Stopping at bonus checkpoints together, introducing yourselves, meeting new friends. You get the deep sense that you are not doing this alone, that you are all in it together. Even the guy who puts in 278 miles, that lapped you numerous times. The little nooks and crannies of our River District neighborhood will become so much more familiar after 12 hours. At bike speed, you see everything. There are a lot of amazing things happening in Rockford right now, you just might find something you become passionate about and get inspired!

River District 12 is a 12 hour bike tour designed to promote bike safety and awareness, provide a bike view of the River District, and build the community's foundation. Our inaugural event will be held June 25, 2016 from 7am – 7pm in the River District of Rockford, Illinois. With 5 check-points, comprising roughly a 4.5 mile loop, participants rack up miles throughout the day on their man powered, wheeled apparatus. The course will include 8 bonus check-points, which will be held in a staggered arrangement, and if completed will award you with the credit of one extra lap (4.5 miles). Bonus check-points could include helping to build something for the neighborhood, beautification of the neighborhood, or a bike safety course. River District 12 is about building community, understanding who lives and works in our neighborhood, meeting our neighbors and businesses to find out what type of amazing things are already happening here. You can sign up solo or in a team of 2-6 people. Registration began April 30th. Entry fee is $20 per person (cash or check) at Namaste Studios or $23 per person online. You can register at Namaste Studios from 1-5pm on Saturdays starting April 30th, until the event fills up. For online registration, click the link below. *Note: Event will not show up in link until registration opens. Click "Going" if you are interested in participating or volunteering in this event. Clicking "Going" does not constitute registration for this event.

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