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Frank Sinatra's first onscreen kiss, from Rockford star

The more I research, the more I know I’m right to be proud of this great city. Did you know that Frank Sinatra’s first onscreen kiss came from one of Rockford’s most beloved celebrities, Barbara Hale?

If you don’t know who Barbara Hale is, you should. The Emmy-award winning star is best known for her role as Della Street in the mid-century television series Perry Mason. According to the Rockford Register Star, she also starred alongside Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, and Charlton Heston in some of her 57 films, but right now we’re going to talk about her and Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Only three years after graduating from Rockford High School in 1940, Hale was in Hollywood acting in an upcoming film entitled Higher and Higher. In the movie, her love interest ended up being, you guessed it, Frank Sinatra himself.

With a peck towards the end of the film, Sinatra solidified his first onscreen kiss and Hale became the envy of teen girls everywhere.

What does that Art Deli shirt say? Everybody love a Rockford girl.

I guess Frank Sinatra agrees.

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