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Rockford shaped who I am

A Rockford sunset. Photo provided by Victor Rascon

I am truly proud to represent what it means to be from a city as humble and genuine as Rockford. I moved here when I was about three years old and quickly fell into the swing of the city. I knew that it was a perfect fit.

Living in an area with accessible urban and rural outlets has played a large role in the versatile nature of who I am. I feel very shaped by the different parts of Rockford I could identify with. There are so many elements that make up this place, anyone could relate in some form or another.

I gratefully find that I connect with Rockford in more ways than one. I have a passion for all things beautiful. I find depth and intrigue in everything that I see. In my spare time I truly enjoy the art of photography. I feel that I am able to capture moments of beauty not easily caught with a first glance. My photographs are timeless, surfacing nostalgic emotion for all to see. I really enjoy the raw element of candid city photography. Rockford gives me the chance to explore this without neglecting the peace and quiet of nature.

Speaking of nature, I love to spend time in Rock Cut State Park and mountain bike on the trails. I have lost fifty pounds running and biking those trails. I hope to continue to conquer my goals and become a healthy individual, and I feel that I am more than able to with the support of all those around me. I feel my confidence is reflective of the healthy steps I am taking. I take pride in who I am for meeting goals and standards I set for myself and I hope the same for Rockford.

I see a very bright future for this city and love that I am fortunate enough to be young at this time. I feel that I will have the chance to be a part of the change for Rockford. To be a positive and fresh pair of eyes for the rest of the world to see Rockford through.

This city is full of people that share a perspective of hope for the future. I work at Egg Harbor Cafe, a company dedicated to teamwork and overall positivity. As a breakfast and lunch restaurant we set the tone for the beginning of a day for our guests. Our job is to make such a strong and lasting impact early on so that the whole day continues the same.

We at Egg Harbor work as a team and love everyone that comes in the door. The overwhelming warmth and hospitality will make anyone feel welcome. This sense of pride as a company and teamwork for a great purpose is something I would love to see transition into Rockford as a city. We could make Rockford great again.

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